Self portrait , silent narrative …. Feeling strange .

” I don’t mind feeling strange

and I’m not startled by

the sound of my own loneliness…

I’m ┬ánever really alone

You can relate

to all

the strangeness I have known.

you know …

we’re always changing

and it changes us

it’s really not all that strange

at all ….”

Lyrics are copyrighted to “the sad band ” song , “feeling strange ” by Jaime Childers

Project final piece

 process photos above. .  


This project has gone through many stages and changes throughout the process of making it and working out my concept . I really was trying to  simplify as much as possible the concept. Working on the project started off as the catalyst being the word MILF (mother I’d like to fuck )and then I created an alternative anagram for female sexuality called the WWLF (women who like to fuck)  I created this alternative anagram using the same type of slang terminology that they use with the MILF . I thought by using the same type of crude language that is used to describe sexuality for females I could combat it and create a more empowering and positive view on sexuality however through this process and playing with words,  different word combinations and through language I thought I could create an empowering word or phrase /anagram  that could convey this . However,  through this process and playing with language I multiple combinations and researching language to describe sexual females or language sexualizing women I general , I realized that it was really a completely different type of language and way to think about sex that  I needed to create and a phrase that had nothing to do with the crude or slang terminology used to describe females and sexuality in relation to others especially.  So , after much debate much writing and research I found a saying that I thought describe what I’m trying to get across beautiful ”  great minds fuck each other” . Of  course the word fuck is used  and it is slang however,  what I believe comes across is the idea that women,  smart confident wome  and smart confident men  know that sex is a mutual interaction and exchange and that no one is giving or getting anything more than the other. But heathy sexuality  is a respectful equal experience and in this way this is a positive empowering affirmation for female sexuality and male sexuality . 


I was going to project a mad libs like game onto a frat house only using positive words to describe female sexuality , however it really did not sing to me I did not feel that motivated or attached to this idea and I’ve come to believe maybe all of my work doesn’t have to be so confrontational or controversial but has to be meaningful to me and make me proud of the work. So I chose to instead of fighting the forces and language that is negative to describe sexuality that I would only  embrace the empowering and positive expression of what I believe healthy sexuality can be and that all human beings are capable of. I decided to appeal to a higher  level of intelligence in my audience rather than combating the ignorance of the Language interjected into culture that is negative and degrades women and insults good men. I used a sculpture to project this new phrase onto and  I believe that because sex is a very physical thing that  therefore it’s very relevant that I used a physical sculpture of a woman. I love making sculptures and when I came into this program it was my hope that I would be able to take the sculptures that I love making and move them for 3-D into 4D. In this way I feel that my project is not a failure but I’m proud of the outcome . The simple projection of these words onto my sculpture give it another layer and more depth than it would have without the use of this technology. I realize that this is just the beginning of my using technology in my art making and because it’s a success I feel in this project I feel very motivated and  inspired to create more works of art that incorporate even more technology to give my sculptures even more depth and I realize that this is just the beginning of my using technology in my art making and because it’s a success to me. I feel in this project has In the end , motivated and inspired me to create more art that incorporates more  technology to give my sculptures even more depth and dynamic appeal .  

Project final piece

Cultural event OF

  • Cultural event -Open Frameworks talk at DU , EDP 



Open frameworks lecture /talk was a very enlightening experience . Being someone who is not very tech savvy as of yet , I love that there are a diverse group of scholars , experts and people working in digital practices and coding working to make this sort of work more accessible and user friendly to a broader audience . 

They were all so gracious and knowledge and personable in their explanations , answers and genuine care for making digital practices less mysterious to those not well versed or experienced in the field . It was great hearing that not a all of them started off so skilled themselves and that through teaching out to peers , mentors , professors and  other working professionals ,  they slowly but surely became skilled and with this I started feeling less alienated from the idea of myself becoming skilled in these areas of practice myself. In  this way it was an inspiring and motivating experience for me .

Cultural event , Is mine yours ? At New Core studio 

I went to the opening of “Is mine yours ?” Paintings by Zoe Pierce, a BFA student who was showing with other DU students at the New Core Art space on Sante Fe . The entire collection of paintings by the student body was impressive and we’ll put together but I chose to focus on Zoe’s , mostly because they drew me in . Bold colors , provactive subject matter , the work of three paintingsafe a statement coupled with a confidence about the work that made me feel inspired honestly . The expression on the faces was well executed and I feel came across with a beautiful intensity . Somehow she as able to use bold strokes , strong colorful outlines while still giving the faces a softness , as well as capturing their gazes of intensity and confrontation almost like poses of female empowerment and confidence . In this way the focus was not on the nudity but so much more such as th arresting , the expression emotion and alternative prespective on female sexuality as something beautiful positive and powerful . 
Cultural Event -MCA talks with our class 
Meeting the curator and educational director of the MCA was a brilliant experience that I was thankful to experience very much . 
Nora , the curator was a wealth of knowledge and I appreciated her frank /candid demeanor and to the point information and advice . She was highly intelligent and personable and very down to earth which made me feel welcomed and interested in her story , experiences in museums and  advice to those interested in working in museums as well as artist like myself who hope to one day have my work shown in such a place .
Her advice about networking and  Making relationships within the art world I took to heart in particular .  
I also loved how she made the museum seem more accessible and took some of the mystery out of what happens behind the scenes, how artist are found to work with , how exhibits are put together and how to navigate that world . 
I especially appreciate her take on artist statements and concept . Although I believe a good concept is what separates high art from other art, sometimes I find when I get so involved in my concept , most if my work is happening in my head , when I should be working . When I wrk with my hands , my brain follows and things make sense . Sometimes it’s as if my hands know how to do things I was never taught , they just know somehow … I work very infinitely and then it all makes sense suddenly . It’s as if I work until the thing I’m making tells me what it wants to be and say , and it becomes it’s own  entity … Something born of me but completely with its own life and purpose outside of myself . And that is satisfying . 
I know there is not one way to work and that Nora is only one curator atone museum of many many , but what she said spoke to me and inspired me . It was a memorable experience I will always carry with me .  
Ama was wonderful to hear explain the education programs at the MCA. The evolution of the teen programs and the failure lab was interesting to learn about as it’s changed since Ama’s six years there . I really believe programs for youth in the arts are imperative in America . I love how they don’t specifically pick kids that are already great artist but a diverse mix and kids with potential and diverse interest in all things creative not just fine arts . 
Again, Ama also focused on how important networking is and being seen in the art community whether you want to eventually work in museum or be a working artist . 
Both women I feel were great to take the time to meet with us and welcome us and share their stories , experiences , answer out questions abs give such honest advice . I greatly appreciated this experience . 
 Reading responses 
Cultural event OF

Final stage of project

Possible phrases that encourage positive ideas about female sexuality ……



inside her is a ——– she ——- 

Because she is —— of who she is . 



She is not ……. Of what she wants . She embraces her ……. 

And finds ….. In her sexuality . 



Her …… Is important to her . She …… Herself and wants to own  her …… And doesn’t  need …… To feel wanted or desired . 


She doesn’t listen to what others …….. Concerning herself and her sexuality . She is ……. In who she is and wants to …… her …… When she wants  and with whom she wants to .


She doesn’t feel ……. About ……. Things that are ……… , in pop culture . she creates her own ……. Of who she is as a …….. Person . 


She knows herself ……… And doesn’t define herself as a …….. But as a …….., and this makes her a …….. Kind of woman who loves …… 

These are some words the audience can pick from to fill I the blanks . However I’m with raking o anther sort of mad line was th some more freedimlike the order final or where i only dictate what part of speech should be used in the blanks . Insist deciding  on images to be projected over .

( Passion , desire , need , want 

Embrace ,loves , fulfills , protects 

Proud , aware , accepting , embraces 

Ashamed , sexuality , joy , pride , identity 

Womanhood , sexual life , desire , expression , approval, acceptance , male acceptance , acceptance from others , think, say , feel 

Independent , joyful, confident 

Express , own , experience , 

Sexuality, femaleness , desirability , 

 men , culture , others, people , social media 

Ashamed , dirty , insecure , embarrassed , needy

Sex, relationships , connecting , body image , 

Sexual , private, said , thought , advertised , promoted , shown , created 

Idea , definition, expression 

Sexual , desirable , attractive , confident , 

Intimately , in detail , sexually , 

Woman,  sex object , idea 

Whole , sexual being , 

Confident , autonomous , beautiful , proud, loving , creative , intimate , erotic , desirable 


Sex, herself 


The This is intended to be publicly projected on a building on campus , most likely a frat house ….

Final stage of project

Quotes of images , searches for culturally accepted ideas about sexuality and gender Women who love sex quotes search MILF quotes search Quotes found on sexually empowered women search


Quotes of images , searches for culturally accepted ideas about sexuality and gender 





Quotes found on sexually empowered women search 

MILF quotes search


Women who love sex quotes search 


Quotes of images , searches for culturally accepted ideas about sexuality and gender Women who love sex quotes search MILF quotes search Quotes found on sexually empowered women search

Project 2

I am honestly in a bit of discrepancy with myself … 

Whereas before in my project I was doing a comparison or differentiation of the WWLF vs MILF , I think now I should completely move away from the MILF . Perhaps focusing on the positives of female sexuality , especially female sexuality after 20 something , I can create a empowering dialogue instead of an argument . I tend to be passionate about these sort of topics and sometimes I’ve realized I want to point out just how stupid something’s involving female sexuality are . I still think these particulars are very ignorant but perhaps instead of pointing out how stupid they are , creating an alternative model and ignoring the negative models already existing is even more powerful .

In this case , I’ve been playing with the idea of my word game to only express positive images through words about women .

I keep in mind that positive doesn’t have to be proper . It’s the intent . So to say ” I love my pussy ” however slang it may be and crude even , it is not negative . It is not violent or objectifying . 

However I do realize the word pussy and it’s neg/pos connotations is a whole different discussion . But in my project , I want to emphasis the WWLF, and for the woman who is WWLF ,  it is how she identifies with her own sexuality , not in relation to someone else .  

So, for the WWLF to say I love my pussy , it is not degrading . It is empowering and self assured .

 I tried the use of non slang words , but it doesn’t work. Firstly , because that isn’t who a WWLF is . The WWLF is asexual creature but is not ok with being objectified and used as a source of novelty. The biggest thing though is that it’s her that embraces her sexuality . She is saying ” I love to fuck ” not waiting for someone to deem her worthy enough to be fucked despite age and motherhood as the MILF is .

The idea of the WWLF is also to express that women are just as sexual as men but through decades of media saying differently , many people have come to believe this vvnot true . 

One slogan I kept finding on the internet that highlights thus misconception that is accepted in society is women use sex to get love , men use love to get sex …tWow . This is why a MWLF wouldn’t work . We don’t have to advocate for men who love to fuck as an alternative to men who are being mass generalized as novelty things to be fucked according to their outward appearance .


By focusing on the positives of females vwho embrace their sexuality as a healthy expression and aspect of oneself, I hope to bring awareness that innately men and women are not that different …  and the need to categorize women is unnessscary . 



Brainstorm images ….. 

On popular culture sexual ideas about gender  

Project 2

Project 2 brainstorm

In the second phase of my project I’d like to understand ad make more sense of the language . I believe I need to pair dow my word possibilities and also make it a less black/white , good /bad outcome that I first asked the audience to respond to the Random word phrases with either offensive /empowering , negative /positive in terms of female sexuality .

I am also will derail my about material choice …. If I can digitally print a set of 6-8  objects that can be printed with 3-4 words on each to be spun like the spools were but with more structure I those word choice categories so the outcome isn’t as Random or discoected I meaning or thought… 

Therefore I have been playing in rhino 3D and Blender to see if I can make this technically happen. 


Project 2 brainstorm